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Message from the Superintendent of Police Shri Kamanasish Sen, IPS

On behalf of Purba Bardhaman police, I cordially welcome you to our website of Purba Bardhaman Police. Our whole aim, while designing this website was to make it the most interactive and citizen friendly. Purba Bardhaman District Police will always ensure keeping with the promise of 'Good Governance' and 'Citizen-Centric' policing system. People of Burdwan can now report several types of crimes online, which shall directly be forwarded to the concerned senior police officers. The status of passport enquiries, pending in the district, can now also be viewed online. Nevertheless we shall be updating regularly traffic situations so that people get aware well in advance regarding any traffic blockages, bottlenecks or traffic jams. You can also download foreigner registration forms directly from this website. We are providing you safety tips on a number of issues for your personal safety as well as safety of your family, friends and property, by informing us subversive activities like anti-drug and anti-terrorist activities online. The organizational chart as well as the contact list of police officers shall enable you to get in touch with the right person for the redressal of your problems and grievances. We have also included various community based policing activities in this website and we humbly solicit your active participation in these activities. We seek the sage counsel of all the stake holders and the citizens of Burdwan district to give us constructive suggestions and help us to serve and protect you better.However, our aim, in short, is to help building a crime free society which is based on the rule of law.

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